Nesting Options For Your Pretty Little Birds

There are several nests to choose from for your birds. What you get will depend on the kind of bird you have.

Society  finches and Zebra finches love the wicker nests. If you have many of these little guys you will find they all retire together smushed in the nest all at the same time. Reminds me of the volkswagon at the circus the clowns drive. When the door opens clown after clown after clown pops out of it. You wonder how they all fit in there??! I don't offer the wicker nests to my gouldians for a couple of reasons. If they have babies in it there is never enough room for the young once they get bigger and sometimes their health suffers, or someone gets smooshed. I have also had gouldians to get their trimmed toenails caught in the wicker and either break a toe, a foot, or worse.

There are plastic boxes with a wide front opening. Societies also like these. They are nosy little birds and they seem to like to be able to look out from the resting spot to see what everyone else is doing.

For my gouldians I use the wide wooden boxes that have the side porch entry with  a perch, and a nice spacious nesting area next to that. Dad bird rests on the perch at night and guards the door where the hen sleeps with her eggs or babies. Gouldians are very private and they seem to like this type of box better. I have these available for sale if you are interested. Just contact me.

If you plan to let your birds breed and raise young be sure to get a nest box that has a lid so you can inspect the nest from time to time. I don't advise "peeking" in there for no reason at all, but sometimes you have to do nest checks to look for unhatched eggs, dead babies, or candling eggs to check for fertility.


See the pictures for a few choices of nest boxes. 3 gouldians have decided to share one box. Each has their own pile of eggs. Happy family! The wicker nest picture is dark but it's bedtime and the society finches are all crammed in there!