Air Sac Mites & treatment

I treat my birds with S76 on a schedule to help prevent air sac mites. Once your birds get them, they will always have them. The mites go dormant in the bird until the bird is stressed or ill then they strike.

Here is what I do: during breeding season I use S76 every 4 weeks for 2 days straight as the only water source. (If you breed in the summer months these mites seem to be more of a nuisance) You will mix enough for 2 days and keep it in the refrigerator. Pull your drinking vessels the night before and fill them early in the morning so the bird gets a good long drink after they wake up. If you have the more "sensitive" yellow backs, blue backs, or silver gouldians I treat them every 3 weeks during breeding time. It seems to benefit them more on that schedule. When my birds are not breeding I use S76 every 3 months. Only if I have an outbreak of mites, or I am bringing a new bird into my home do I use S76 as directed. I have purchased gouldians that had these mites and I didn't realize it. It is imperative that you keep new birds away from your other birds. An acquaintance of mine lost her entire bird room to air sac mites bringing in an infected bird, so it can be a devastating result if you aren't careful. Quaranteen for 6 weeks to be sure your new purchased birds are not ill. Get to know your breeder, and be very wary of buying from a pet store. Anyone can fib to you to make a sale, but try to go with a reputable breeder. AND! The lowest price does not always mean a good deal if the bird is sick or infected and the seller just wants to get rid of it.

Following is information I got from the internet:


Air sac mites can make your bird very ill. Read this brief information about symptoms & remedy:

How do I know if my bird has the air sac mite?
Signs include: Heavy breathing; open-mouth breathing; stain on feathers around nostrils; coughing (clicking sounds); sneezing and the birds stop singing. 

How long does it take my bird to get better after I apply SCATT?
The lightly to moderately effected birds show dramatic improvement in 24-48 hours. Severely infected birds can take weeks to bounce back. Treating with antibiotic for secondary infections on the lesions in the air sacs and lungs is important if they are severely infected. Amtyl is a good choice.

Should I disinfect my cage after applying SCATT?
The airsac mite is very persistent. On the second day of treatment with SCATT, the nests, cage and aviary must be cleaned and disinfected with, a pyrethrum-based product. Pyrethrum, an extract of the chrysanthemum flower is safe for use on birds and in their environment. These are great products, Avian Insect Liquidator, Control & Pestex. This treatment must be repeated each week for three weeks to break the life cycle (21 days) of the airsac mite.

Is SCATT safe to use before my birds start breeding?
You can treat your adult birds before you set them up for the breeding season if you have the mite.You don’t want to pass the mite onto the babies. One treatment should be all you need.