Hand Feeding Gouldian Finch chicks #2

These little guys are about 2 weeks of age. I really don't know the hatch date because their arrival was a total surprise! The mom and dad stopped caring for them (it was their first clutch) and so I had to pull the nest to take over their feedings. Their eyes are open and they have pin feathers. At this age they still cannot regulate their body temperature, so it is necessary to use a heating pad set to low to keep them around 98 degrees. Keep them inside something thathas a lid that can be tilted to vent, and put a small bowl of water inside to act as humidity. A thermometer is handy to keep tabs on the temperature. The warmth is necessary because a warm baby can digest his food properly. If the temp is too cool the food sits in the crop and can sour and become infected. Adding a little probiotic to the formula mixture can help with that, but still keep them warm until they are fully feathered.