Peeping in the air!

Hi all! If you are breeding your gouldian finches you should be hearing lots of tiny peeping sounds coming from your nest boxes. Mine are getting increasingly louder by the day as the babies grow bigger. They are truly little feathered brats begging from their parents. Sometimes they still beg when they are old enough to feed themselves! Sounds like some human children that never move out of mom and dads house. :)

Anyway, for all these new babies be sure you are giving mom and dad lots of great foods to choose from to feed their new chicks. High quality seed with add-ons (more on this later), fresh water, Ronivet treatment while in the nest and again once chicks fledge, and although some breeders frown on fresh veggies I offer fresh organic spinach leaves at this time. Parents love it and I think the vitamins in it are good for the chicks. I have found that emerging feathers benefit from the nutrients and the color comes in faster and more vibrant. The way the parents pull at and devour the spinach leaves causes me to think they may do this in the wild where they can find it during the rainy season, although they are seed eaters. That's just my opinion, and it has worked for me. You, of course, have to make that decision for yourself.

When I said "add-ons" earlier I am referring to these products: Herb salad (shop wisely for this/prices can vary to the extreme), Miracle Meal, crushed egg shell, charcoal, baby mash, a pinch of high quality vitamins. I mix this together fresh everyday since it has a bit of vitamin coating on it. The birds pick through and eat what they want as they need it. Mix this into a high quality seed mix. Please dont buy the pet store seed brands unless you just run out and have no other choice. These are usually coated with dyes and cheap vitamins are added to it. Purchase a great seed mixed just for gouldians from a trusted breeder and retailer online. Ive mentioned a few on the links page.

Google Ronivet-S 12%, Herb Salad, the need for calcium (cuttle bone),and miracle meal. These are great products and are beneficial to your birdies. Always read all you can on the Gouldian Finch. Their numbers are decreasing in the wild-They are a beautiful creation made by God and deserve to be well cared for.

Have a great day!