End of season blues & molting

Your canary may be looking a little listless about now (Fall is coming!) and may not be singing as he used to. As our days begin getting shorter your feathered friends are taking notice and going in to their yearly molt. This is a magical but critical time for your bird. Feathers will begin to build up in the cage, mostly down, and they will sit on the perch looking a bit under the weather. Never fear! It will pass. BUT- you must take care of your bird in this time. He needs extra protein to strenghthen him as he molts. Birds get weak in the molting season and they can become sick as their resistance to disease is lower. Look for molting supplements. I get many of my supplies from www.friskyfinches.com. They offer a great molt aid that is added to the birds drinking water. That one product takes care of the bird throughout the molt, and gives the new feathers health and shine! Also offer a pan of water for bathing. Your birdie will love you for it! Pull up a chair and watch as he splashes and dips in the water. This helps wash away dander, helps with scales on the legs, and gives a rinse to the feathers molting away. Just be sure he is good and dry before lights out, as a wet bird gets cold at night! Look forward to a newly feathered friend who will sing very soon! :>