Basic Canary Care

Keeping your bird happy and healthy is very simple! A little basic knowledge is all you need. Provided are some tips for you to apply, but searching the web will give you a plethora of information. Also provided at The Canary Coop is a links page with recommended bird websites that you will find very helpful!

Always provide your canary with the largest cage you can afford. Width is always better than height, when it comes to cages. Canaries need to be able to flap their wings several times in flight to get proper exercise. If you can’t find what you need in a pet store, then please shop online. Ebay has some great choices in cages at affordable prices.  

Never put your canary in direct sunlight. The heat is too much for them. (Full spectrum lighting is ideal! Check out OTT- lite for birds.) Keep them away from drafts. Never put a canary outside unattended! There is always a predator lurking somewhere. Even mosquitoes are the enemy. They bite birds and make them very sick.

Provide fresh water, non-chlorinated if possible, and fresh canary seed every day. Be sure to thoroughly clean the water dishes daily and rinse well to remove all residues of soap, etc. Slimy water dishes can make your new canary very ill.  Fresh greens and orange bits are great, but don’t leave it in the cage longer than an hour. It can go bad and make your bird sick. Never ever give him avocado. Millet is a favorite but offer it sparingly, as too much can make your bird overweight.

If your canary stops singing he may be molting. He may also be sick. If you are experiencing this let us know.

Your bird needs to have a good night’s rest. Be sure to turn the light off after he has had about 10-11 hrs of light.  It’s a good idea to cover your bird cage at night. They feel a little more secure and it ensures any night drafts don’t blow across them. The lamp you  read by can keep your bird awake too long, so covering him helps with that. Too much light or too little light can affect his health. You can Google information about this topic to get more details.

Your canary will provide you with years of companionship and song, if properly cared for. They don’t need regular vet checkups, but if your bird does get sick see an avian vet. Talk to your bird! He will look for you each day to see what you are bringing him, and likes you to talk to him. Remember, canaries are not a bird that wants to sit on your finger. Enjoy him from the outside of his cage.

Have fun!ο»Ώ