Breeding Season Prep

Breeding time for your birds may be starting or not, depending on your particular birds. Many of mine are already starting nests and I have fertile eggs already. Some birds may not show signs of being ready until next month. Don't pair your birds unless the signs are there- either of the pair dancing about with a feather (or any type of nesting material it finds) in its mouth, lots of singing from the male AND the female showing interest in his advances. Do NOT put a female in with a male if she is not ready. He can actually kill her if he is too agressive. Also, before pairing be sure to clip the birds toenails (not too short), give S76 or other mite treatment as a preventative, and also I give a round of a product called Ronivet. It cleans out the system of any parasites or illness before breeding. I also begin giving supplements to encourage breeding, liquid calcium, vitamins, breeding season seed, and millet. If you are planning to breed your birds hopefully you read my earlier post about length of daylight for your birds. As our days are shorter this time of year, the birds light hours are also shorter. Lengthing their day by adding about 15 minutes per week to their lights until you reach 13 to 14 hours will bring them into breeding season. This is somewhat like forcing flower bulbs to bloom by putting them in the freezer to simulate winter, then planting them soon after to get them to bloom early. The longer day for the bird signals them that they have more daylight to feed their young, as this is important so the babies don't go hungry over a long night time.

Don't add the extra light too fast. A little at a time is best.

Pretty soon eggs will appear, so be ready to prepare your parent birds with egg food, fresh greens, fruit bits, etc so they can offer lots of healthy food for the chicks. Fresh water everyday! :)